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Chia Seeds

Complete protein (18 amino acids), the highest known plant source of Omega 3 (8 times more Omega 3 than salmon). Chia seeds contain bowel regulating soluble and in-soluble fibre.

Power Foods
1kg black/white chia seeds ON SPECIAL ONLY $24.95


Microgenics Glucosamine 1500mg Complex with Chondroitin 180 tablets.
Temporary relieves arthritic pain and may reduce joint inflammation and swelling.
Easy to take one a day formulation

That's 6 months supply!

Pana Raw

Pana Raw organic chocolate that is handmade in Melbourne Australia. It contains only natural organic ingredients such as raw nuts, goji berries, coconut flakes and pure 100% essential oils.
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Our vast range of PRACTITIONER-ONLY products

We stock an extensive range of practitioner-only brands including Bioceuticals, Eagle, Orthoplex, Heel and Metagenics* *only through prescription from our qualified Naturopath*